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POP Enters Into Strategic Partnership with VCU

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

POP VCU signing
POP Founder, Gary Rogliano, solidifying partnership with VCU

Richmond, Virginia – Power Over Parkinson’s Foundation (“POP”), a private Foundation supported by the Rogliano Family, and the VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center (PMDC) within the department of Neurology at the VCU School of Medicine have entered into a strategic partnership. The purpose of the alliance to support the creation of a comprehensive Exercise and Wellness program for those with Parkinson’s Disease. To support this effort, the Rogliano Family Endowed Chair (the “Fund”) has created with an initial funding of approximately $2.0 million.

The Fund intends to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders, and the positive effects that physical activity and wellness based programs can have in improving quality of life and physical function, and slowing the progression of symptoms. The Rogliano family and POP Foundation plan to further underwrite the cost of certain medical research and development programs that may exist or be developed in the future in order to study the effects that physical activity and exercise have on the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and related neurological conditions.

POP’s founder, Gary Rogliano, had this to say regarding the partnership: “This is an exciting time for POP and its supporters as we continue to execute on our strategic vision to help those effected by Parkinson’s disease. The opportunity to work with the PMDC is endless and we are positive this will be the beginning of many more such arrangements.”

Presentation with POP Founder, Gary Rogliano, and Chair of the VCU Department of Neurology, Dr. Gordon Smith

More specifically, the partnership will:

  • Initiate, plan, and coordinate collaboration between research leaders and dedicated physical therapists to determine the best approaches to improve quality of life for PD patients;

  • Develop and implement a pilot program that offers VCU patients access to exercise programs that may slow disease progression, improve symptoms, restore function, and increase longevity and quality of life;

  • Establish an evidence-based and scalable model that will improve the care delivery program and support patient access; and  

  • Eliminate financial barriers that prevent equitable access to exercise and wellness programs via PMDC social workers.

About Power Over Parkinson’s

Power Over Parkinson’s was established to help Parkinson’s patients take advantage of exercise, physical and speech therapy and other programs designed to promote movement and speech that are not generally covered under Medicare and other typical health plans. Additional information can be found on their website:


Power Over Parkinson’s

7201 Glen Forest Dr., Suite 205

Richmond, VA 23226


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