​Gary Rogliano, a Richmond, Virginia executive known for launching business startups such as MAXjet Airways and INR Energy was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  His first reaction to the diagnosis was to research the best methods for treating PD.  He quickly discovered that in addition to long-standing drug therapies, one of the most effective treatments for this degenerative disease is exercise and physical activity.  


After experiencing the benefits of such programs as Rock Steady Boxing, LSVT Global’s BIG and LOUD programs and his own personally developed multi-sport training program, Gary decided to create a charitable foundation to help other PD warriors take advantage of exercise, physical and speech therapy and other programs designed to promote movement and speech that are not generally covered under Medicare and other typical health plans.   


Today, Gary stays active in his business ventures and developing support systems for other PD patients while he continues his own aggressive attack against the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease through exercise. It's his goal to help his fellow warriors power over Parkinson's.