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The POP Advisors Group is dedicated to those of you who have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. We at Power Over Parkinson’s personally understand the issues that accompany being newly diagnosed. Our Founder, Gary Rogliano has Parkinson’s Disease and started the Foundation to improve the current quality of life for those with the disease.  Per our mission statement, POP is dedicated to supporting those with Parkinson’s through financial, physical activity, and socialization avenues. 

Because we understand all the issues, concerns, and questions you may have as a person newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, we are able to help, listen and guide you through all the processes and resources that are available to those with the disease.  


In addition to our many relationships with service providers helpful to those with Parkinson’s Disease, we also have several POP Advisors who volunteer to spend time with those who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s. These Advisors, who also have Parkinson’s Disease, are dedicated individuals who will guide you to the resources that exist to improve your current quality of life and create a socialization network that is intact for years to come. They have experienced the journey you are going through, so they understand and appreciate your personal issues. While we are not medical personnel and cannot dispense medical advice, we are here to help both you and your care partners.  


As always, in keeping with POP’s tradition, there is no obligation or cost to you or your care partner. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact us at Power Over Parkinson’s. 

Below is our list of talented Advisors with a contact form to follow.  


Please fill out the form below with your contact data and we will respond to you shortly. 

Note: While this service is focused on the newly diagnosed and the challenges that accompany the initial stages of the disease, POP strives to support those with PD at every stage of their journey. Because of this, if you are not newly diagnosed but are in need of assistance, please reach out to us. 

Bill Headshot.JPG


After graduating from Richmond College at The University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Bill concentrated on a Sales career that included promoting material handling equipment in manufacturing and warehousing facilities while assisting in the review/preparation of plant layout configurations(e.g.,space constraints, equipment locations, warehousing specifications, shipping/receiving zones, and work measurement factors). A Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University provided a technical background in support of such endeavors.                                


As an Engineering Analyst for a Hazardous Waste Management Consulting firm, Bill reviewed and applied basic Virginia hazardous waste management regulations and Environmental Protection Agency Superfund issues;  assisted in preparation of Part B Applications for permitting hazardous waste management facilities in the State of Virginia;  compiled statistical reports regarding laboratory groundwater monitoring data and applicable field sampling procedures.                                                                                                                 


Bill’s duties as an Industrial Engineer for a technical consulting firm in Northern Virginia included assisting in the preparation of technical proposals for high-tech Federal Aviation Administration contracts;  supporting project management team documentation regarding staffing resource needs, job scheduling, and time study data for entry into computer-aided time standards system.                                                                                       

Professional honors awarded during this period included the Alfred V. Bovine Scholarship Award finalist for co-authoring “Manufacturing Costs and Production Economics” (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) and referee for technical papers submitted to First International Conference on Computers in Peking, China.                                     


A diagnosis of Parkinson’s in 2003 created a resurgence in Bill’s desire to begin writing technical documents once again.  Coaching Little League Baseball became a passion while he was working and an underlying motivation for volunteering  his time with the Rock Steady Boxing Feerless Fighters, as well as the desire to be associated with the Power Over Parkinson’s Foundation in an Advisory capacity. Giving back to the Parkinson’s community that has provided so much support for his own struggles is the “new focus” of his life.

Joe Headshot.jpeg


Joe D’Orazio’s career had spanned over 32 years in the Electrical Utility Industry. The initial 10 years of Joe’s career was dedicated to working for a manufacturer (Cooper Power Systems) of utility products, where he held various Product Marketing and Field Sales positions.  The latter 20 years of his career had been devoted to the distribution business for electric utilities.  Joe held various positions of increasing responsibility during this time including Account Manager, Branch Manager, District Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Regional Vice President, Vice President Sales and Operations and Alliance Manager.  Joe worked part-time for a manufacturer representative agency called Southern Partners as VP of Sales for the Mid-Atlantic territory.  He officially retired in August of 2018.

Born and raised in the Pittsburgh PA area.  Moved to Virginia in 1996.  Married to Karen for 33 plus years and the father of three (Joey 27, Gina 25, and Robbie 21).  An avid sports fan who endears all Pittsburgh sports teams).

Diagnosed with MS in February 2015 and then diagnosed with Parkinson’s in June of 2018.  Stays active through Rock Steady Boxing, POP events, walking and my favorite past time golf.

Ken Picture.jpg


I’m originally from Providence, R.I. After finishing college my wife & I moved throughout New England, as I began my retail management career. After 10 years in this career, we both needed a change. We moved to Virginia 20 years ago to be near family, friends & to start new careers. Once settled, we purchased a home in Midlothian. We have a daughter, a recent graduate from VCU & our dog (Abbey). I would find my career in supply chain management & financial services. While my wife would be employed in banking & insurance.    


I was diagnosed at 53 with Parkinson’s. I was surprised as I was always at the gym, ate correctly & avoided any medical challenges.  After a short period of discovery thru self-reflection, Parkinson’s education, engaging with people with Parkinson’s & dialoguing with medical professionals, I decided this was not a time to “give up”, but to move forward with life’s next chapter. Since my diagnoses, I’ve left my job & had to retire. Today, I remain active both physically & mentally. I am a firm believer that physical & mental exercise will slow the progression of Parkinson’s.

Bill Headshot.png


I grew up in Ohio, attended Xavier University undergrad and then spent four years at Ohio State University, graduating in 1966 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.


I had been commissioned in the U.S. Navy during my first year of dental school.  On graduation, I was promoted to Lieutenant in the Navy Dental Corps and spend most of the next two years as a dental officer aboard the U.S.S. Coral Sea.  Much of that time was spent at sea and patrolling off the coast of Vietnam in the early days of that war.


I served at a number of duty stations on the east coast, west coast and Hawaii.  My last assignment before I retired was as the Executive Officer of the Naval Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.  That was a long time ago as I have been retired from the Navy for now 30 years.  Lots of other careers since then including managing a psychiatric hospital, teaching at the Medical University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston, other teaching positions, and for the final 10 years of my work life, spent my time as an executive, career and business coach.


Dougie and I met almost 17 years ago and have been married now for over 14 years.  She is truly my partner in life.  We love to entertain and be with friends.


I started having minor balance issues in 2016 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in late 2017.  I found Rock Steady Boxing shortly after they first opened in January of 2018 and have been an avid regular there ever since.  As of a couple of months ago, I have attended roughly 300 workouts and met and become friends with many members of the local Parkinson's community. 

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