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Letter From Our Founder

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April 1, 2023


Thanks to all of you who have supported Power Over Parkinson’s (“POP”) over the last few years. In a short time, we have made great strides toward achieving our goals of improving the quality-of-life of People with Parkinson’s (“PwP”) with exercise opportunities, education, and socialization.  


When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I learned that there are many wonderful charities that are working to cure this disease, however, there wasn’t much support for people with active disease and symptoms. POP set out to change that in three ways:


Exercise:  Studies show that exercise is the most powerful way to manage Parkinson’s symptoms. POP now provides daily group exercise classes per week at a local Gold’s Gym.  We also offer many classes online through our YouTube channel so people outside Richmond can participate remotely.


Education:  In addition to exercise programs, POP also offers numerous educational opportunities related to Parkinson’s Disease.  Our programs, including the popular POP Profiles, are offered in person and online via YouTube.  We now even offer some programs in Spanish!


Socialization:  I’ve learned that Parkinson’s is a very isolating disease, so we offer socialization events such as the Parkinson’s Activity League where PwP and their care-partners gather at a local venue for exercise such as bowling, mini-golf or even axe throwing!  We also host lunches, dances, and barbecues with lots of opportunities for fellowship and laughs.


In just 4 years, we have far exceeded our original goals and are now looking forward.  We have reached PwP throughout the US and even globally through our YouTube exercise classes and Education programs.  But in order to keep our programs affordable, we really need your help.  In honor of Parkinson’s Awareness month of April, we have launched a fundraiser to allow us to continue to offer our exercise programs at no cost to participants.  Every cent of your contribution will help to make that a reality.


Please check out our comprehensive website at to learn more about what POP is accomplishing.  You can donate directly on the website or can send a check to the address listed below.  POP is a 501(c)3 public charity and all donations are tax deductible.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us reach People with Parkinson’s throughout the country.


Best Regards,

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