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Fun Fridays with Friends!

A variety class featuring HEAT, PWR, and yoga exercises!

  • 1 hour
  • West End Gold's Gym


WHY "Exercise with friends. Many people find that they’re more likely to stick with an exercise routine if it’s tied to a social engagement." -Michael J. Fox Foundation This means come have fun on Fridays with friends! PROGRAM DETAILS Join us every Friday at 11:45am at Gold’s Gym (8904 W. Broad Street) for a variety class led by our fantastic exercise instructors Diane and Jackie! As we close out the week, we’ll combine all of our modalities to make this final class of the week a fun and engaging experience! We’ll combine highlights from PWR, HEAT, and yoga and also include many opportunities for FUN: think friendly competitions and games! Most importantly, we’ll be moving and spending time socializing so it’s sure to be an absolute WIN! AVAILABLE TIMES Friday - 11:45AM REGISTRATION You can simply register for the individual classes that you would like to attend. All classes are free to people with PD. **Care Partners are required to stay and support their participant if participant is unable to get on/off equipment and maneuver through the gym independently** CARE PARTNERS Care Partners are welcome to come as care partners to their person with Parkinson's. This includes spotting, supporting, and assisting their loved one as needed (this type of supportive attendance is free of charge). Care Partners can also work out along side their participant. We do, however, prioritize people with PD to utilize the equipment first to ensure equipment and space is available for those with Parkinson's. If Care Partners do not wish to exercise within the HEAT exercise program, they will have full access to the Gold's Gym equipment.

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