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Richmond Parkinson's Rock Climbing

Climbing to new heights!

  • Peak Experience


We're excited to have a weekly climbing group for people with Parkinson's disease thanks to Up ENDing Parkinson's! When: Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm beginning 1/10 Where: Peak Exerpience 11421 Polo Circle, Midlothian, VA 23113 Given the list of symptoms, it should be no wonder that climbing is a great therapy for Parkinson's Disease. Climbing requires big movements, in conjunction with the aid of visual cues (colored climbing holds) and verbal cues from an instructor. Your balance, weight shifting, speed of movements, hand eye coordination, and mapping out your path are all important aspects of climbing that get better with practice. You work everything from your toes and glutes to your core and fingertips when climbing. Getting to the top requires a high level of exertion, which is also proven to be important in PD therapy. The physical challenges of climbing along with the mental planning needed make it a perfect therapy. Aside from this, climbing is fun and rewarding, making it an activity that people are likely to stick with. The program is free for all participants thanks to support from Up ENDing Parkinson's and generous donors! Register by copying the below link into new browser window OR email

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