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Sample interviews

Living well with Parkinson’s includes an array of aspects, including hearing the stories of other PwPs (People with Parkinson’s). As people listen, understand, and identify points that resonate within these stories, they are able to benefit from the solidarity that naturally ensues.  Because of this inherent value of staying connected with others who are also battling the disease, Power Over Parkinson’s has interviewed and shared the stories of a number of PwPs through its POP Profile series.

In addition to interviewing courageous people who are fighting Parkinson's Disease, we are also continuing to broaden our scope and provide meaningful interviews with people who work within the movement disorder arena - health professionals, fitness experts, drug and research companies and other non-profits all have a story to tell regarding how they're impacting positive change for people with neurological disease. 


We thank all of those fighters and professionals who have shared their story as part of this series.

To view the POP Profiles series, please visit our YouTube channel.

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