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"With Parkinson's Disease, you have to treat activity as a medication dose and do it regularly."

- Gary Rogliano, POP Founder

Power Over Parkinson's, in alignment with its strategic mission, has created the Parkinson's Activity League (PAL) with a goal of keeping People with Parkinson's (PwPs) staying in motion. Regular events are held for PwPs and their care partners and typically involve a beneficial physical activity (i.e. golf, bowling, etc.) followed by a meal  for socialization and camaraderie. POP strongly believes that staying active alongside fellow PwPs in a private setting with physical therapists on hand creates a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. In turn, it's our hope through PAL that those who were once hesitant to stay active, will return to activity in a structured environment. Additionally, we wish to continue to keep these events free to participants and thank current and future sponsors for their generosity.

Please visit our Events page to stay updated on upcoming PAL events. 

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