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what our community is saying

Why Do You Attend POP Exercise And Wellness Classes?

I need the motivation of these instructors, who know me and care about me, as well as my peers, to keep me going.

It gives me the movement and flexibility I need and the kinship with others in the class.

Reduce effects of having PD, learning exercise routines to battle PD, and network with others suffering from PD.

POP instructors are very knowledgeable about what we need ,and it's obvious how much they care.  

What Benefits Are You Receiving From Exercising?

I just had a scheduled PT evaluation, and I did so well, she doesn't need to see me again until our routine check in another six months! 

Friendship, muscle toning, and better overall movement, plus brain stimulation.


I’m more in tune with what my body needs to keep an active lifestyle and help symptoms of my PD.

Greater strength and flexibility. I always feel better physically and emotionally atter class.


What Are the Social Benefits From Exercising With Others?

Meeting up with my Parkinson's "tribe" is very important to me. It is helpful to see friendly faces, and to know that these are the people who understand what it's like to live without dopamine. 

Being able to chat with other people who understand is such a bonus!


To be able to discuss symptoms and life in general is something I did not have before coming to POP. 


It helps to know that what's going on in my body and brain is similar to what's going on in one way or another with my friends.


What It Means To You That Exercising Is Free?

I had to go on disability because of PD, which has had a huge impact on our family's finances.  It is amazing and very welcome to have these services provided at no cost.

Many people could not afford to attend a program like this. We all appreciate the work POP does to help as many people as possible, and to keep improving this program.

Being free allow for those not having financial means to participate in the program and get the needed support. I plan to continue to make donations.

It means so much and enforces no excuses. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.


How Have You Enjoyed Our Social Events?

Way more gutter balls than strikes or spares. Way more laughs, too! No pressure at all!

I plan on attending most events!

I really enjoy the activities and seminars

We have learned a great amount through the seminars, helping us get a handle over what to expect, as well as financial planning.

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