HEAT Program

High Energy Amplified Training for the beginner and experienced!

  • 1 hour
  • Gold's Gym: 8904 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23294


Please join us at the new POP HEAT Program – High Energy Amplified Training PROGRAM OVERVIEW Monthly membership for unlimited classes per month is $65; or you can pay for a daily (“drop in”) for $15/class or a block of 6 classes valid for one month for $85. Note: All 16 classes per month will be available to all monthly membership holders. In addition to these core classes, please see additional membership benefits below under Program Details. REGISTRATION You will be required to create an account on our website upon registering for the HEAT exercises classes. Upon creating an account, you can register for the individual classes that you would like to attend. Again, if you sign up for a monthly package, you can attend an unlimited amount of classes per month. MATCHES (Care Partners) Matches are welcome to come as care partners to their person with Parkinson's. This includes spotting, supporting, and assisting their loved one as needed (this type of supportive attendance is free of charge). Matches who wish to work out along side their participant are asked to register for the individual class upon arrival ($15/class). This is to ensure equipment and space is available for those with Parkinson's and ensure prioritization for this population. If Matches do not wish to exercise within the HEAT exercise program, they will have full access to the Gold's Gym equipment. PROGRAM DETAILS • Metrics: We will plan to assess your performance on a regular basis to ensure your progress. • Warm Up/Cool Down: Gold’s Gym is pleased to offer warm up and cool down periods for participants of this program. This means use Gold’s Gym Equipment on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday, from 10am-2pm (prior to and after classes). • Other Benefits: HEAT participants and their care partners will have full use of gym locker rooms and shake bar. Available Times Monday – 12pm Wednesday – 12pm Friday – 10:30am POP Up Classes These 60-minute classes are meant to complement the core HEAT program and will offer an array of exercise modes. Available Times Friday – 11:45pam