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angela rogliano

Board member

Mrs. Rogliano grew up in Scarsdale, NY where she was a English equestrian rider.


Mrs. Rogliano secured a position at American Can, where she was an executive assistant, carrying out a multitude of administrative duties.


While her and Mr. Rogliano’s three children were young, she stayed home during this critical time to care for and raise them. As they became older, Mrs. Rogliano transitioned into becoming the owner of award-winning German Shepherd Dogs that successfully competed in confirmation shows at the national level. With this success, she began breeding and ran a successful breeding business as the CEO of Brookside Kennel. Most recently, her love of animals has focused on cat rescues.


Mrs. Rogliano holds a B.A. in History and Secondary Education from Iona College. She spent a year teaching History at Mamaroneck High School.


Following her husband’s diagnosis in May of 2018, she quickly became an active member in both the Richmond-area Parkinson’s caregiver group as well as an active participant in the Parkinson's Disease Self-Efficacy Learning Forum in Richmond. Mrs. Rogliano has also attended and supported various Parkinson’s Disease fundraising events.

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