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gary rogliano

Mr. Rogliano’s career includes more than 14 years at The Pittston Company, a diversified mining, transportation and security company, where he held a number of senior level positions including CFO and Senior Vice President where he had direct operating responsibility for each of the company’s diverse divisions. While at Pittston, he helped develop and execute the strategic growth plan that substantially increased revenue and share price. He also led the company’s multimillion dollar expansion strategy, acquiring and integrating numerous companies worldwide. This, along with his direct management involvement in each division, resulted in a remarkable turnaround in corporate profitability in the mid-1990s.


Mr. Rogliano served as CEO of TransPacific Capital LLC, a global investment company engaged in investment banking, professional management, transportation, and mining operations. His global business and management experience spans numerous countries. Mr. Rogliano also served as CEO of MAXjet Airways, an international startup all-business class airline. Mr. Rogliano led the company from the development of its ground breaking and much copied strategic business model through a multimillion dollar global financing strategy. In its first year of operations, the airline was selected as the 2007 number two international airline in the world as determined by Travel + Leisure Magazine.


Most recently, Mr. Rogliano was CEO of INR Energy, a privately held producer and exporter of high-volatility metallurgical and thermal coal. There he led the management and acquisitions team to secure an acquisition deal worth four times the company’s original investment in less than three years. Mr. Rogliano is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at NRI Management, LLC, a company formed from INR Energy’s management team. NRI is a global company pursuing investments in transportation, mining and mining infrastructure assets.


Mr. Rogliano, a CPA, holds a B.S. in Accounting from Fordham University. His work experience also includes a partnership position at Ernst and Young in their National Tax Practice.


Mr. Rogliano was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in May of 2018 and, just as he did in his various business ventures, he has since fully immersed himself in the Parkinson’s community. He’s not only supported and attended fundraisers but has also committed himself to a vigorous workout regimen, as he truly believes consistent, challenging physical activity is critical to managing Parkinson’s symptoms. Additionally, he has hosted bi-weekly support group lunches and is an active participant in the Parkinson's Disease Self-Efficacy Learning Forum in Richmond.

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