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POP participates in VCU Health Grateful Donor Panel

David and Christy Cottrell, Becky Massey, Margaret Preston, Gary Rogliano, Peter Buckley, M.D.

Richmond, VA - Power Over Parkinson's founder, Gary Rogliano, along with fellow board member, Margaret Preston, were invited to speak at Virginia Commonwealth University's Grateful Donor Panel on Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

Alongside other Grateful Donors, and moderated by VCU School of Medicine dean, Peter Buckley, M.D., Gary and Margaret shared Gary's story with Parkinson's, his care at VCU Health, and what led Power Over Parkinson's to make a significant investment in Parkinson's research at VCU Parkinson's and Movement Disorder Center. Approximately 100 doctors and researchers were present to learn more about what prompts grateful patients to make significant investments to the School.

An intimate lunch for the Donors followed the one-hour Panel session.

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