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Transportation RESOURCES

Assisting individuals with maintaining independence in their daily lives by giving them the resources to access transportation services in the Richmond Area

Click HERE to a printable document of resources. 

Ride Connection Services

Phone: (804)-672-4495

Click Here for Ride Connection

Areas Serviced:

  • Charles City County, Chesterfield County, Goochland County, Hanover County, Henrico County, New Kent County, and Powhatan County 


  • Adults who are 60 years or older within provided service areas

  • Adults with disabilities currently receiving SSI or SSDI, and are under the age of 60

  • ** If you currently receive Medicaid Medical Transportation you are not eligible for Ride Connection Services**

What Does This Service Provide?

  • Provides two round trips to medical appointments for individuals who are in serviced areas and meet eligibility

  • Appointments can be scheduled through the phone number listed above

  • Appointments must be scheduled between Monday-Friday 8am-2pm

  • Requires 7 business days in advanced to schedule ride

  • Individuals will be picked up 1 hour prior to their appointment time to ensure promptness in making scheduled appointment


GRTC CARE On- Demand (Paratransit, Roundtrip, UZURV)

Phone: (804)-358-4782

Click Here for GRTC CARE On-Demand

GRTC Paratransit

Areas Serviced: 

  • City of Richmond, Henrico County, and Chesterfield County


What Does This Service Provide?

  • Currently paratransit riders are eligible for zero fare rides until June 30th, 2025

Care On-Demand: UZURV

Phone: (804)-499-3400


What Does This Service Provide?

  • Call center is open 7 days a week for booking 

  • Cost of trip will be provided prior departure; GRTC will pay up to 15 dollars



Phone: (877) 396-8080


  • ADA requires an eligibility process for ADA paratransit service Click Here for ADA Paratransit Eligibility  

What Does This Service Provide?

  • Direct, non-stop service; same-day reservation or can reserve up to 90 days in advance

  • ADA accommodations

  • Availability to ride solo, allowed guests, personal care assistance, or service animals

  • 15% discount when booking online. For booking through the phone use (877)-396-8080

  • GRTC will pay for trips up to 15 dollars

  • *** Roundtrip drivers pay initial 6 dollars per trip whereas UZURV pay initial 6 dollars plus an additional 1 dollar. For trips over 6 miles, customers pay additional 1 dollar per mile. ***


  • 1 - 6.9 miles  $6.00 

  • 7- 10.9 mile $ 8.00

  • 11 - 14.9 mile $12.00

  • 15 -20.9 miles  $15.00


Department Medical Assistance Services: Virginia Medicaid 

Phone: (866) 386-8331 (number to make a reservation)

Click Here for DMAS - Department of Medical Assistance Services (

Click Here for Medicaid Plan Transportation Reservation Numbers


  • Individuals who are currently receiving Medicaid services and have no other means of transportation 

What Does This Service Provide?

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

  • Curb-to-curb assistance

  • Door-to Door assistance (medical necessity is required)

  • Hand-to-Hand (medical necessity is required)

Dependacare Transportation

Transportation for Medical Appointments and Daily Activities 

Click Here for Dependacare Transportation  

Phone: (804) 745- 1818


  • Provide services to individuals, families, elderly, and those with disabilities 

What Does This Service Provide?

  • Vehicles are able to fit up to two wheelchairs

  • Offer larger vehicles to accommodate larger groups

  • Scheduling Software

  • GPS tracking 

  • On-demand services

  • Door-to-door, curb-to-curb, or door-through-door services available upon request 


H&M Transport

Transportation for Medical Appointments and Daily Activities 

Click Here for H&M Transport

Phone: (703) 304-7889

Area Serviced: Virginia and D.C area

What Does This Service Provide?

  • Accept insurance (can request a pre-authorization letter from insurance if NEMT is not a frequently used benefit of your insurance plan)

  • 24 hours advanced noted but offer services within 2-3 hours of phone call

  • Operates 24/7, 7 days a week: including holidays 

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments

  • Assisted transportation following hospital discharge 

  • Assisted transportation for shopping, dining, and personal errands 

  • Wheelchair Transport

  • Ambulatory Transport

  • Stretcher Transport

  • Bariatric Transport                              


Transportation for medical appointments

Click Here for PACE Richmond

Phone: 804-492-7687


  • Least 55 years or older

  • Eligible for nursing facility level of care

  • Able to live safely at home and in the community with support 

  • Living in a PACE service area

  • Self-assessment to find out if you qualify on website 

What Services Does This Provide?

  • Accept Medicaid and Medicare

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments 

  • Offers day services as well as transportation * see rehabilitation resource for more information*



The purpose of this information is to serve as an accessible and general resource for individuals in the Richmond area with Parkinson’s disease. Power Over Parkinson’s is in no way affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by these vendors. Additionally, Power Over Parkinson’s does not endorse any of these companies and this document is for general use only.

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